About JFA Touchwood

JFATouchwood has its lineage to one of the oldest furniture manufacturing groups in the country, the erstwhile Jayabharatham Furniture which is now known as JFA.JFATouchwood range of furniture is being manufactured in the most sophisticated state of the art manufacturing plant spread over 2.5 lakhs sq.ft near Chennai. The factory conforms to established Global Quality Standards from Sourcing of wood to getting finished products.

1. Times have changed, and so have we… 

Your grandparents had the antique furniture in their homes.  Now it’s time for you to experience the sleeker and trendier furniture collection from JFA–Touchwood. We have a talented team of designers whose aesthetics in furniture and creativity expands to infinity and beyond. From your dining room to living to the bedroom, your house will have beauty and the most contemporary style in every corner.

2.  Compromise on quality? NEVER!… 

With imported machinery from Germany and Italy, we ensure to use the finest quality of wood for our products. Our wood specialists conduct a constructive research and scrutiny to check if wood is seasoned correctly and keep a track on the high quality of products.
Don’t you like your food cooked with the best of ingredients, beautifully sliced, marinated with the right spices and well- garnished?

3.     You are safe for a year 

Every client is given the best and ultimate shopping and post-sales experience. So don’t worry! We have return and maintenance policies and a warranty period of 1 year. So in the rare chance of something going wrong, you can always come to us.

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We sell beautiful, iconic, authentic, future-proof furniture. We don't do fashionable, we don’t do this season’s look, we do forever fabulous.

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Factory That We Source From
Our Infrastructure

250,000 Sq.ft FACTORY

State of the art manufacturing facilities spread over 2.5 Lakh sq.ft area ensure uniformity and consistency in the quality of all the furniture pieces.


With imported machinery from Germany and Italy, the factory conforms to established Global Quality Standards from sourcing of wood to getting finished products.


The factory has created a niche for itself in the furniture industry over a period of seven decades through a quality inescapable from you notice.

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